Tooth Extractions in Vista

Why Would I Need an Extraction?

An extraction is when we remove a tooth from its socket in the mouth, whether surgically or non-surgically. There are many reasons why a patient may need a tooth extraction, such as if they have impacted wisdom teeth, severely decayed teeth, dental trauma like a broken or chipped tooth, overcrowding, or for deciduous teeth that have not fallen out in time for the permanent teeth to come in. 

At Vista Smiles, we will do everything in our power to save your tooth before resorting to extraction. Cracked or broken teeth may be repaired with dental bonding and decayed teeth might be salvageable with root canal treatment. 

However, when all other options have been exhausted and the tooth cannot be repaired or salvaged, you will need to undergo extraction. All extracted teeth should be replaced except for the third molars, also known as wisdom teeth. To schedule an extraction, contact us at Vista Smiles to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Anderson today.

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Extractions We Offer

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Basic Extractions

A simple tooth extraction is performed on teeth that are visible in the mouth. These teeth do not require surgical extraction. The tooth will be loosened in the socket with a dental tool called an elevator. The elevator enlarges the socket for easier removal and the tooth is pried out with forceps.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

When a tooth is impacted or has broken off at the gum line, this will require surgical extraction. Instead of loosening the tooth in the socket and pulling it out, we need to make an incision into the gums and remove bone around the tooth before we can pull it out.

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How We Make Extractions More Comfortable

At Vista Smiles, delivering expert dental care and ensuring that our patients feel comfortable are our top priorities. For wisdom tooth extractions, we are partnered with Dr. Nathan Turley, an expert oral and maxillofacial surgeon. This ensures that you will be able to have your extractions performed right here under one roof and won’t require any outside referrals.

Our dental office in Vista is fully equipped with modern technology that simplifies the process of checking in and out, and our dental chairs give our patients a spa treatment for ultimate relaxation and peace of mind. 

During your consultation, we will address all of your questions and concerns and create a treatment plan that is best for you. After your extraction, you may have follow-up appointments to check in on your healing and ensure there are no complications such as dry socket or infection.

For the procedure, we will administer local anesthesia at the very least so you don’t feel any pain. More complex surgical tooth removal may require more intense anesthesia, in which case you would not remember the procedure at all or be conscious during it. To reduce pain while you are healing, you may be given prescription anti-pain medication or you can take over-the-counter anti-pain medication.

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What is Aftercare Like?

Immediately after extraction, you will be given gauze to bite down on for about 30 minutes to stop the bleeding. After your tooth is extracted, you will need to form blood clots at the extraction site to heal properly. You must avoid any activities and foods that will dislodge the blood clot. 

After extraction, you should avoid all of the following:

  • Smoking
  • Chewing at the site of the extraction
  • Hot liquids or foods
  • Suction (sipping through a straw or spitting)
  • Eating hard, sticky, or chewy foods
  • Strenuous activity
  • Vigorously rinsing your mouth for the first 24 hours

Did you know…

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Most patients can return to work or school within 2-3 days days following an extraction.

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